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A myriad of complex laws regulate firearms and firearms related businesses.  We know and understand the laws and can help with a wide variety of gun-related legal matters - FFL, SOT, ATF compliance, estate planning for firearms, liability waivers, rights restoration, and NFA tax stamps.

Three main avenues exist for purchasing and owning suppressors (silencers), short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, machine guns (full auto), or other NFA items. Learn the many reasons why a gun trust is best.

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We protect your Second Amendment rights.

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Our friends at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA):

Firearms can be a controversial subject. State and federal regulations affect your gun rights. Unknowingly violating them can land you in jail. Don't take a chance. Bring your questions to attorney Trent Woods at AZ Gun Law.

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What is a gun trust?